Classes & Sessions


Matwork class
Tuesday, 1st & 3rd Thursday 10:00-11:15

This is a group mat class in which everybody does the same movements.
The class offers a whole-body movements based on 34 Pilates exercises and the original stretches. The whole-body comitment with the control of the core and breathing helps you to improve body flexibility and metabolism and strengthen physical fitness.

Private session
This is a one to one private session and is performed on a Pilates machine. The special springs are attached to this machine to add the resistance to each exercise. The instructor will find the most suitable resistance according to the strength and the flexibility of a individual. The instructor designs an individual exercise program through a postural assessment and the request of the client and guide the client to accomplish the objectives maximizing the ability of one's body.

Semi-private session
This particular session consists of two clients working together with one instructor. The exercises are the combination of the machine exercises and the matwork exercises with small props. The postural assessment is carried out to each client in order to design the individual exercise program. (This class is only available when two people booked together)

※Please contact the studio for the opening times of the private and semi-private sessions.


Kids class(about 4-6 years old)
Thursday 15:45-16:30

The students of this class learn the basics movements that relate to the movement of classical ballet while cherishing the joy of dancing. For example how to point their toes, movements of arms and fingers and how to keep their upright posture. The students are also expected to obtain the musicality, expressions and cooperativeness.
※Please contact the stdio about the participation of 3 years old.

Junior class (about 7-9 years old)
Tuesday, Thursday 16:45-18:00

Students learn the positions of arms and legs, and the right way of standing. They also learn the basic skills of classical ballet holding barre. The teacher will also teach in detail for the student who are new to ballet.

※Students of ballet classes are able to perform on the stage once a year.


Pilates matwork class(75 mins)
First time trial lesson 2,000 yen
Lesson fee 4 times in a month 10,000 yen
2 times in a month 5,500 yen
Enrollment fee※  7,000 yen

Pilates apparatus (60 mins)
Private session 10,000 yen per session
Semi-private session (two clients) 14,000 yen per session
(7,000 yen per person)
Enrollment fee※  7,000 yen

※The enrollment fee is 7,000 yen for taking both pilates apparatus and pilates matwork class.

Ballet kids class / junior class
First time trial lesson 1,000 yen (junior only)
Lesson fee once a week 7,000 yen
twice a week 11,000 yen
Enrollment fee 7,000 yen

  1. Classes and sessions are strictly by appointment only.
  2. Any change of class or session must be informed the day before the class or session, a full rate will be charged for session not attended otherwise.
  3. The session fee is non-transferable, non-exchangeable and non-refundable.

KAZU Pilates & Ballet Studio

TEL: 044-987-5535
FAX: 044-987-5535

The studio is 2 minutes walk from Satsukidai station (Odakyu Tama Line), next to Shin-Yurigaokastation

*The Studio reserves the right to refuse admission to, or eject anyone who, in our reasonable opinion, admission to the studio might risk the safety of any other visitor or himself, or affect the enjoyment of the classes for other visitors or the running of the classes.