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Our studio located in Kawasaki city in Kanagawa prefecture offers Pilates classes/sessions and classical ballet classes. We have been involved with Pilates and ballet world for many years and are still inspired by the depth of the function of human body.

Pilates is a training programme for everyone which has been founded more than 100 years ago. Pilates exercises are constructed based on the anatomical understanding of the human body. The exercises focus engaging whole body including deep layers of the muscles while executing breathing and engaging core muscles. Our studio offers group matwork classes and private and semi-private Pilates sessions using Pilates apparatus. We also offers exercise programme specoalised for dancers.

Lesson programmes of our classical ballet classes are based on the instructor's experience as a dancer and her teaching experience in UK. They are devided by age and constructed for students to learn classical ballet gradually from basics. We hope for students to find the interests of pursuing one thing and the joy of achieving their goals through the ballet lessons.

Moving your whole body with Pilates and/or classical ballet lead healthy and energetic body and mind. We keep in mind to offer the lessons that make everyone happy and smiling.


We have changed the time schedule of Tuesday Matwork Pilates class since April 2024. (23/5/2024)

We updated our blog (in Japanese)! (13/3/2023)

KAZU Pilates & Ballet Studio

TEL: 044-987-5535
FAX: 044-987-5535

The studio is 2 minutes walk from Satsukidai station (Odakyu Tama Line), next to Shin-Yurigaoka station

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