Pilates for Dancers

How do you keep your balance while standing on pointe shoes? And how do you maintain your upright posture throughout 32 fouettés?

The answers might be "stand straight on the supporting leg" or "tighten your core muscles". But how do we do that in the right way?

In recent years, not only the ballet schools and companies in western countries but also Japanese ballet schools and companies include Pilates sessions in dancers' training routine as part of their body conditioning. This is because Pilates is recognised as one of the renowned exercises which focus on developping core strength. Core strength is essential if dancers are to maintain their posture, and move their arms and legs more freely, energetically and gracefully. It is well known that Martha Graham and George Balanchine were among Joseph Pilates' most devoted clients.

Our studio offers general Pilates exercises, including specific exercises for dancers which our instructor, Kazuha Oe, learned from the world-leading Pilates, dance and fitness educator, Ms. Karen Clippinger, herself. We also offer private sessions using the Pilates machine and equipments. Kazuha, who has both practical and theoretical knowledge of dance as well as knowledge of Pilates, will assist dancers to meet their needs.

Kazuha is also available to offer Pilates sessions in your ballet school. Please contact us for more information.

KAZU Pilates & Ballet Studio

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