Kazuha is a highly competent, experienced instructor, and always does her best to ensure that I do my exercises properly (and thus gaining the maximum benefit) and Kazuha does so with the utmost respect and courtesy. Pilates is a way of life for me for, exercising is necessary to keep the arthritis ect. in check. Kazuha is a really good instructor! Mr. A. BROOKES

Kazuha is a really good teacher. She has a kind and supportive manner and a great eye on ways to improve. Mr. A. LEWIS

I was fortunate to have Kazuha Oe as my Pilates instructor for three years. I went to Pilates as a way to rehabilitate and strengthen my body following surgery and found Kazuha's instrustional technique both sensitive to my physical restrictions and also challenging. She knew when to push my body and how to best gain strength in areas left weak by the surgery. If you are looking for a challenging, creative and careful Pilates instructor with a comprehensive understanding of the body, then I cannot recommend Kazuha more highly. Ms. A. SULZBERGER

I wanted to improve my overall wellbeing and a friend suggested Pilates. Even during the initial assessment with Kazuha I felt immediately in good hands and the benefits were obvious after a few sessions. Kazuha is not just very professional and accommodating but also very warm, personal and tailors to your needs. (I have never known how much my body can respond to a challenge since my days as a dancer!). Kazuha has definitely inspired confidence and focus during each session. I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who is looking to do the same. Ms. F. EE

Kazuha is an excellent Pilates teacher, she has a skill in demonstrating and explaining the moves in a way that focusses on the individual she is teaching. She is extremely patient and has an eye that identifies the modifications that make the difference to make the move right for the body. Kaz will also help to encourage a person to continually develop capability, alignment and awareness so that you are always learning. She has taught me in London for about 5 years now and I will miss her a lot as she returns to Japan. Ms. M. HARLEY